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Queo™ is a range of multitalented polyolefin plastomers and elastomers that bridge the performance gap between conventional plastics such as polyethylene (PE) and conventional elastomers like ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Produced using proprietary Borceed™ technology, Queo plastomers and elastomers combine many of the physical properties of a rubber with the processing advantages of a thermoplastic material.

Together we can

Founded in the spirit of cooperation, Queo™ complements the Borealis portfolio, allowing for the development of solutions that create maximum value for the customer.

Broad application

High performance Queo plastomers and elastomers cover various applications, including automotive, flexible and rigid packaging, housewares, and wire and cable applications.

Solutions and support

Queo solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs and are supported by a global team of Borealis experts to help enable our customers to realise their targets.

What makes the Borealis Queo™ plastomers and elastomers offer unique?

Borealis believes in Value Creation through Innovation and providing proven solutions. To this end we are working with our customers and partners to develop attractive polyolefin plastomer and elastomer solutions that fulfill demanding sealing, flexibility, compatibility and processing requirements.

is multitalented

Queo™ has a highly amorphous structure, resulting in outstanding flexibility, good optical properties and very low temperature impact resistance
A narrow molecular weight distribution and uniform comonomer incorporation make Queo exceptionally tough.
Queo offers best-in-class sealing performance with lower peak melting points, narrow melting ranges and excellent seal through contamination.
Team player
Queo is highly compatible with other polyolefins, allowing tailor-made blends to meet specific requirements.

Queo™ product characteristics

Queo polyolefin plastomers and elastomers close the gap between classic thermoplastic products and rubbers, exhibiting both plastic and elastomeric properties. This is achieved through efficient and uniform incorporation of octene as comonomer and by using a specialised metallocene catalyst.

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      Polyolefin Elastomers Polyolefin Plastomers
Density kg/m3 ISO1183 860 870 880 890 900 910
DSC Peak melting point °C ISO11357 40 60 75 85 95 105
Flexural modulus Mpa ISO178 5 10 20 40 70 130

By incorporating increasing amounts of octene comonomers into the ethylene backbone structure, Borealis is able to supply Queo solutions that provide our customers with significant benefits.

  • Reduced crystallinity
  • Improved flexibility and low-temperature impact
  • Decreased density
  • Lower melting points


The Borealis Queo™ polyolefin plastomers product family offers a unique combination of flexibility (20–100 MPA), high mechanical strength (tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance), state-of-the-art sealing performance (low seal initiation temperatures and seal through contamination), and high clarity.

These properties make Queo plastomers suitable for a large variety of applications, including flexible and rigid specialty and high performance packaging, soft flexible mouldings, specialty compounds for a vast number of end uses such as wire and cable, and automotive acoustic insulation.

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Whereas Queo™ polyolefin plastomers are mainly aimed at applications requiring good to moderate flexibility combined with higher thermal properties and high mechanical strengths, Queo polyolefin elastomers are targeted at applications for which very high flexibility (<20 MPa), lower melting points (55–75 °C) and improved low temperature performance (glass transition –55 °C) are key requirements.

The increased product performance of Queo polyolefin elastomers compared to polyolefin plastomers, makes these products the material of choice for applications such as interior and exterior car parts, adhesives, cable compounds, grafted polymers and highly resilient surfaces.

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Borceed™ technology

Queo™ products are based on Borceed, a proprietary Borealis technology that enables flexible materials that exhibit both plastic and elastomeric properties. The plastomers and elastomers made possible by Borceed are also complementary to other Borealis proprietary technologies that target similar markets and customers, such as Borstar® and Borlink™.

Borceed Reactor, Geleen Borealis
Borceed Reactor, Geleen Borealis

Queo polyolefin elastomers are made using a combination of Borceed solution polymerisation technology and a specialty metallocene catalyst, which allows higher amounts of octene comonomer to be integrated in the ethylene backbone structure. As a result, Queo copolymers have a lower density and are very flexible with outstanding low temperature impact performance.

The Borceed technology is a Borealis proprietary solution originally developed and marketed by DSM under the name Compact. When Borealis acquired the Dutch plastomers production site in Geleen from DSM and Exxon, ownership of the Compact technology also transferred.

To complete the integration of Compact into the Borealis technology portfolio, it was given the new brand name Borceed. This name was chosen to represent the idea of proceeding towards new heights and exceeding expectations. Moving forward, Borealis is committed to developing and improving Borceed further, paving the way for further Queo plastomer and elastomer developments.


Borealis is extending its Queo™ polyolefin plastomers (POP) portfolio with the launch of three new polyolefin elastomers (POE) grades. It is also rebranding its Compact technology, which will now be known as Borceed™. Borceed technology enables flexible materials exhibiting both plastic and elastomeric properties and is the platform supporting Borealis’ Queo products. The Queo portfolio expansion further enhances Borealis’ product offering of high-value specialty polyethylene (PE) products for the high-end segments of the automotive, consumer packaging, housewares, and wire and cable industries.

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